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Products & Solutions

Innovation, efficiency, and quality are the driving forces on which OSGRUP products are designed and developed. We strive to be a Corporation that adheres to Corporate Social Responsibility and most of our products and packaging are environment friendly. All our products are industry compliant as per the standards specified.

Our Products & Solutions

  • CCTV Security Cameras
  • Fiber Optic Products
  • Cabinets & Racks

CCTV Security Cameras

OS GROUP is providing CCTV and Security solutions to financial institutes, councils, organizations and communities who are fighting criminal’s activities or combating anti-social behavior, and also to firms who want to protect personnel, property and goods. Our strategy is to take a pro-active approach to understanding and meeting our client’s needs, each client presented a specific challenge and it is the sum total of the experience that we gained in meeting those challenges that gives us our unrivalled experience and our leadership position within the industry.

Fiber Optic Products

We have many years of experience in the supply, design, installation, termination and testing of all types of fiber optic cables. Whether you require the supply, installation, termination or testing of Single Mode or Multi Mode Fiber, using ST, SC, FC or LC connectors, you can be assured that OS GROUP Networks in house qualified installers are equipped with the latest knowledge and equipment to carry out the work to the highest standard. We have high performance splicing and testing equipment for multimode and single mode fiber to ensure consistent quality of our installations.

Our Fiber Optic Product ranges are as following:

  • Multimode Fiber (OM1, OM2 and OM3)
  • Single-Mode Fiber (OS1)
  • Tight Buffered and Loose Tube constructions
  • Fiber to the Desk (FTTD) installations.
  • ST, SC, FC, LC terminations.
  • Fused Wavelength Division Multiplexers WDM’s
  • Splitters
  • Fiber Optic Attenuators
  • Mode Conditioning Patch cord
  • Power sure fiber optic Coupler
  • Patch-cords
  • Variable Optical Attenuators.

Cabinets and Racks

We supply a vast range of Communications Cabinets from various Manufacturers. Server Cabinets, Telecommunication Cabinets, and EMC enclosures and others; Floor-standing and Wall-mount versions; Customized enclosures, stainless and acid resistant steel products, outdoor and low voltage enclosures, open racks, wall brackets etc. Racks are available in different sizes that range from Cabinet 6 U to 42 U with full Cabinet accessories like PDU, Fan, and Shelf.